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Around Town – #2

CMEC 18Jun2015 CLong 3


Tamara Steiner of the Concord Pioneer is given a personal tour of the inside of the new Concord Museum and Event Center (CMEC) on June 18, 2015. Chuck Gabrysiak, project manager from the Concord Historical Society, is describing the new stage and the sound & lighting room for the first floor of the CMEC.

CMEC 18Jun2015 CLong 3
Tamra Steiner, editor Concord Pioneer, and Chuck Gabrysiak, project manager
CMEC 18Jun2015 CLong 1
CMEC stage
CMEC 18Jun2015 CLong 2
Framing of sound & light booth (top) and restroom (bottom)

When you’re “around town” with your family, please send your picture with the location and the family name to the Concord Historical Society via mail or email. Mention “Around Town.” We’ll see you in print and on our website.

Note: By submitting your photo and description to the Concord Historical Society, it will be understood the Concord Historical Society has your permission to include these in the one, two or all three of the following locations: Historian, Society website, Society Facebook page – as space and circumstances permit.

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