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Concord Museum and Event Center soft opening

CMECsoftOpening16Jul2017 06 scaled

CMEC Soft Opening was a “cool” hot event

CMEC 18Jun2015 CLong 02 1
CMEC Brubeck stage July 2015

Can you believe it?! Moved to its current site in May 2013 and here the Concord Museum and Event Center is ready for events beginning in September. Wow!

Can you believe it?! Some one hundred hearty souls braved the 100+ heat to view this gem last Sunday, July 16. The ice cream certainly was a “cool” part of this historic day, but so is the CMEC. From weary to bright, the CMEC has been transformed. Check out a “cool” video about the day by clicking here.

And once the final $500,000 is raised, the second floor will open with museum and resource center. Can you believe it?! With everyone pulling together, we can!

To book events at the CMEC, contact Event Center Coordinator Carol Longshore at (925) 326-7848.

CMECsoftOpening16Jul2017 03 scaled
Cool ice cream
Betty Martin Barnes Hall
CMEC Brubeck stage July 2017
CMEC 31Oct2016 PSed jk
CMEC as of Oct 2016
Foskett Brown Fireplace Room
Brown room

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