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Thanks, Concord Rotary and Concord Disposal Service!

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Concord Rotary and Concord Disposal Service Invest in Concord’s History – April 2016

Members of Concord Rotary recently cleared brush and trees to make ready for a paved and landscaped parking lot that will serve visitors to the Galindo Home and Gardens and the future Concord Museum and Event Center (CMEC). Concord Disposal Service hauled the debris away as its contribution to this investment in Concord’s history.

BeforeAfterRotary Ap2016 72

Before and After

Pereira John 72

John Pereira, Concord Rotary

The Concord Historical Society thanks both Concord Rotary and Concord Disposal Service. Support like theirs is invaluable as the Society works to preserve and present Concord’s history.

Would you like to invest as well? Contact the Concord Historical Society.

Tree cutters 72

Team Concord Rotary

Hermans Alan 72

Alan Hermans, Concord Rotary

[Apologies to Concord Rotary for the misidentification that occurred when this posting first went “live.”]

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