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The End is in Sight!

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We can see the light at the end of the tunnel

The Concord History Museum and Event Center (CMEC), formerly the Concord Masonic Temple, has a projected opening date of October 2016. Much of the serious engineering improvements and renovation of this 1928 building has been completed but significant work remains to be done. Because the City’s approval of the master plan included a drainage system for both the museum parcel and the Galindo Home and Gardens property a new drainage system had to be designed along with some street improvement for Marina Court. Also, a terraced entrance to the building and a parking lot, to be used by both the CMEC and the Galindo Home, are being designed and constructed. The most significant construction will be a new three level addition to the rear of the building with an ADA/freight elevator in its basement, a caterer’s kitchen and storage on the first floor, and more museum storage and the Museum’s Resource Center and office on the third floor.

The final touches will include installing a fire suppression system, and connecting all the utility lines, refinishing all the windows and the floors, painting the interior walls, and painting the exterior of the building. We will also improve the original stage by installing lighting and audio/visual equipment. The kitchen appliances and museum storage shelving and computers will be installed. We will then be in position to hold a grand opening of this wonderful building and provide Concord with not only a first class local history museum but also an event and cultural center. The opening is projected for October 2016 with two grand parties celebrating the completion of the renovation and dedicating its performance stage to Dave Brubeck where he performed in the early 1930’s. Members of the Brubeck family and the Brubeck Institute Quintet from the University of the Pacific will be performing.

Why is the Society committed to this wonderful project?

To celebrate the heritage and history of Concord and its surrounding area and to preserve it for the generations to come. The business plan is a solid one. The CMEC will not only function as a history museum but also be the venue for cultural events and various fundraising opportunities. It will be available for rental for weddings, family reunions, dance schools, and business and social club meetings. The Society and other non-profits will use it for their fund raisers and cultural presentations. The rental fees for these events and events held in the Galindo Garden with its new gazebo will make both the CMEC and the Galindo Home self-supporting.

What does the Society need now to achieve its goal?

The Society’s current Museum Building Fund balance should be sufficient to complete the drainage, the parking lot and street improvements, and the front entrance terrace. The Society needs to raise the remainder which is projected to be $600,000. It has a three pronged strategy. It has arranged a long term interest only loan of $200,000 at a very low rate. It has obtained a commitment from a sponsor who will match any donation of over $50 to a total of $200,000. And, it is seeking grants from foundations and government funders.

You can help by making a tax deductible gift of over $50 or more, which will be matched. The Society will be grateful for whatever you can do to be a part of this grand project. Donate to the Concord Museum & Event Center fund. And gifts by way of Wills and Trust are encouraged.

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