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Volunteerism: Fivepoint

web Fivepoint team 23Mar2018

“Thank you” to volunteers from Fivepoint

The Concord Historical Society wishes to express its gratitude to volunteers from Fivepoint who came out the morning of Friday, March 23, 2018, to prepare our Concord Heritage Center* for a new, steel fence. This energetic bunch under the leadership of Dennis Costanza, Fivepoint Director of Community Relations, removed the entire split-rail fence that ran around the site in under an hour!
web Fivepoint cleanup 23Mar2018

Fivepoint is an important addition to our community. It is the Master Developer for Phase One of the Concord Reuse Project, covering 500 out of the total 2,300 acres to be developed at the former Naval Weapons Station Concord.

Welcome and thanks for taking an active interest in the Concord Historical Society and its mission to preserve and present Concord’s rich history.

* Concord Heritage Center refers to the campus including the Galindo Home and Gardens and the Concord Museum and Event Center.

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