The Museum is temporarily closed for renovation.

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Our parking lot is adjacent to the Galindo Home at Marina Court.

LR Gazebo Galindo

The Galindo House Museum

The Galindo House is the museum site that can be toured weekly or by appointment.

The Event Center

If you’re planning an event that is a private affair by invitation only and not open to the public, you may want to consider one of the venues available from Concord Historical Society.

The Society’s facilities are located on the Concord Heritage Center, a 1-3/4-acre site located in the block bounded by Clayton Road, Amador Avenue and Marina Court. The Concord Heritage Center consists of the Galindo Home Museum, Galindo Gardens and Gazebo, the Concord Museum and Event Center (CMEC) and parking.

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CMEC 31Oct2016

The Resource Center

The Resource Center is currently under construction and not open to the public. Contact us for availability.